Rules and Regulations

1) Application for admission from Nursery to std. IX on the prescribed form will normally be accepted from the month of October, every year.

2) Our academic session starts from January and ends in December.

3) At the time of admission, the parents must submit to the school office a declaration in writing stating the child’s exact date of birth and it must be supported by on authenticated extract from the registrar of birth (corporation/ municipality/ Gram panchayat) or extract from the hospital record showing the date of birth with an affidavit shown by the parent/guardian of the child before a magistrate.

4) The admission test for nursery may not be taken.

5) A pupil who has attended any recognized school can be admitted with a transfer certificate from the school last attended.

6)In case a student has to be withdraw before the end of the academic year, prior to the withdrawal a month’s notice must be given in writing or a month’s fee in lien of notice is to be paid.

7) Should a pupil removed from the school, no certificate will be granted until all dues to the school have been paid.

8) Application for a Transfer Certificate need to be made in writing to the Head Master. This must be collected from the school office and a prescribed fee is to be paid. Duplicate copies of Transfer Certificate are ordinarily not issued.

9) Fees should be paid by 15th of every month failing which a late fine of Rs. 10 will be charged.

10) The school fees cover twelve calendar months. No reduction is made for holiday or broken periods. Students are liable to be charged full fees as long as their names are officially on the rolls.

11) Students whose fees have not been paid for three consecutive months, after due notification by the school, will have their names struck off the rolls. If however, they wish to continue their schooling, they will be treated as new candidates needing readmission. The fees for the month of November & December must be paid before the Final Exam.

12) The school reserves the right to increase the fees at any time of the year if an increment is considered necessary, and every year 10-20% tuition fees will be raised to meet the yearly increment of the salaries and allowances.

13) Students are not allowed to bring or wear any valuable items like mobiles, gold jewellery, etc. It is strictly prohibited. The school will not be responsible for any loss of such itėms.

14) No strangers are allowed to meet the children.

15) Parents and Guardians must immediately inform the school in case there is a change in their address or telephone numbers.

16) Last but not the least, we expect parents and guardians to be very cordial and polite with the staff of the school even in the most taxing situation. Parents are also requested to attain a proper dress code at all times while entering the school premises.